Embracing the cloud is not simply the easiest, or cheapest, or fastest way to drive digital transformation—it is the only way. For many businesses, the first step on this journey is to migrate existing applications to the cloud.

The Migration Playbook Power App is aligned to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and other commercially available tools. Built on Microsoft’s Common Data Service, this tool manages the data necessary for all phases of a cloud journey


This solution helps businesses solve many technical and organization change management opportunities associated with cloud migration. 

  • Infrastructure inventory is often out of date
  • Application owners and support teams may have limited application and technical documentation
  • Existing business commitments and constraints need to be understood and honored
  • Cloud technology standards, best practices, and reference architectures may need to be created or tailored to organization strategies
  • Technical team members may not be fully skilled in cloud solution architectures
  • Multiple internal and external organizations (application software provider, third-party support organizations, integration teams, database administrators) need to collaborate to complete the transformation.
  • Sharing a multitude of different spreadsheets leads to data quality issues and inconsistent execution across teams.